Tissue flowers

"Somebana: Basic Course"

Create gorgeous tissue flowers with your own hands:
# under the direction of the master with the certificate of the Japanese school Somebana
# at home
# no initial flower making skills

Creating chic colors from tissue is available to every craftswoman. This is a luxurious work with expensive items (each composition costs from $40, bouquets from $400), which became available through video tutorials.
These are not artificial flowers that are made in Chinese factories or created for free lessons on the Internet. This is the subtle art of creating realistic, natural compositions. They are almost indistinguishable from the living.
How to make them? We have a specially designed course for beginners in this hobby.

Olga Yakimova
Author of the course, master of creating flowers in the Japanese technique Somebana
What will happen during the course?
You will master the step by step technique of creating flowers in the Japanese technique Somebana. Under the guidance of a master (the official certificate of the Japanese school Somebana) you will make 7 flower arrangements, even if you have never made tissue flowers before.
You will learn a detailed technique for tissue flowers creating: cutting out, coloring, various ways of processing the petals and leaves, as well as assembling all the elements into a corsage composition.
You will get skills with which you can make other flowers. Each composition on the course is unique, and by creating it by yourself, you will learn 7 techniques of creating flowers. You will be able to apply this knowledge and make other flowers with your own hands.
Each workshop of this course were learned by more than 300 craftswomen - and you can see recordings of classes with analysis of their work. So you will find out possible errors and ways to correct them. You will avoid wasting materials and make beautiful flowers right away.
You may download all video tutorials to your computer, watch and review them at any convenient time. This is like going through workshops and receiving my consultations for several times.
We make 7 tissue compositions on this course. There is a separate video workshop for each one. Video tutorials begin with the preparation of materials to create each flower, it ends with the creation of compositions that you will see in the photos on this page. Nothing is missed, the process is shown in full.

Below you will see the flowers that we do at my workshops and also the flowers of my students.

Olga Yakimova
Author of the course, master of creating flowers in the Japanese technique Somebana
Course content
Workshop Rose Tais
Flowers of my apprentices according to workshop "Rose Tais"
Workshop Zinia
Flowers of my apprentices according to workshop Ziniya
Workshop Rose Laura
Flowers of my apprentices according to workshop Rose Laura
Workshop Frangipani (Plumeria)
Flowers of my apprentices according to workshop Frangipani (Plumeria)
Workshop Hortensia
Flowers of my apprentices according to workshop Hortensia
Workshop Cornflowers and bells
Flowers of my apprentices according to workshop Cornflowers and bells
Workshop Iris
Flowers of my apprentices according to workshop Iris
Course content
28 step by step video tutorials
to create all 7 compositions from the moment of preparing the necessary materials to fully prepared colors.
Attention of the wizard
You will make each composition together with me, I will answer all the questions to workshops, and also you will be able to send photos of your flowers and I will comment on and help to correct mistakes.
Example of video lessons
Free workshop "Rose in the Japanese technology" - our first workshop in a very simple rose.

This video tutorial has already scored 389,000 views and more than 4,000 likes ("Like" marks) on YouTube in Russia and it continues to be the most popular complete master-class on creating roses in Japanese technology. In USA - 50,000 views and 690 likes.

You can make a simple rose by this video tutorial (the flower itself without foliage). But, I think, it is much more interesting to immediately take the bar higher and learn how to make roses and other flowers in the Somebana technique from this course. Flowers, leaves, twigs, buds - bodily and interior compositions and become a master of silk floristics!
Master class Silk Rose - Somebana Japanese technique
Course author
Olga Yakimova
Author of the course, master of creating flowers in the Japanese technique Somebana
My name is Olga Yakimova.
I began my acquaintance with tissue flowers immediately from the most complex and interesting - from the Japanese technique with the use of brass tips, natural silks, naturalistic stamens. After I made my first flower (it was Iris), I realized that I had endlessly fallen in love with this kind of creativity!
I have been teaching the art of silk floristics for 3,5 years (creating flowers from fabric) masters from all over the world. I hold more than 50 step-by-step workshops and taught how to make flowers for more than 4500 craftswomen.
I was trained by the best in the world of flower-making master Saikoko Yasuda in 2014 (Somebana Japanese School of Flower Making) and now I will share with you the knowledge and skills of this technique that I did not disclose before!
In this course, I will teach you how to make 7 tissue compositions with your own hands and will reveal to you all your secrets of creating flowers.
Photos of my students flowers
Reviews about the courses and workshops
Elena Grishchenko
Thank you! I thank and bow my head in front of the whole team that organizes such invaluable lessons. I fell in love with silk flowers at first sight, and realized that this is exactly what I will learn to do! You know they say: "a student is ready to be a teacher." From the bottom of my heart I thank Olga for the fact that she became my teacher. How great it is when you find a teacher you understand, who supports and most importantly Believes in you!

All this time, how long the course lasted, I felt support from Olga. It is seen as she treats every girl and her work with trepidation. She will support, will explain more than 100 times, and will show errors very tactfully and will direct to the best result.

It is very detailed, clear video lessons.

My most vivid impression was from the Rosa Infiniti lesson, 6 hours without interrupting the video recording with Olya. It seemed that she was sitting nearby and I already know and understand this person very well. You think something is wrong, you do not get, you ask yourself the question, what is wrong? You put on rewind, and behold! It's like reading your favorite book, re-reading it every time you find something new. Improving, studying, inspired!

It is the state of gratitude, inspiration, co-creation from touching the beautiful that remains from the interaction with this team of creative people!

And most importantly, all my gratitude, delight, joy, admiration, love, creativity, all my positive emotions, filled these flowers. I was very pleased to give these flowers precisely for this.

With love and gratitude, your apprentice Elena
Lyubov Melnikova
I really want to tell you that the course "Somebana: Four Roses" gave me and what it meant to me...

My passion for silk flowers started about a year ago, and the feeling while looking at these handmade masterpieces, it is difficult to be called something else. Quite by chance, I saw the work of one master on one of the handmade forums and I fell in love!!! Silk flowers conquered me with their elegance and grace. It was incomprehensible for me how a miracle is born from pieces of white silk - a silk flower.

The most natural desire for me was to learn this art. I began to look for information, in all available sources, on the Internet, on forums and of course books ... But the more information I received, the more clearly I understood that I could not learn without the help of a real master. I went to a workshop, everything was great, after 6 hours there was a silk flower in my hands and there was no limit to my joy!

But there was one big "BUT", I am a mother of two wonderful kids and I often cannot leave them for almost a whole day. For the same reason, learning on Skype fell off ... Then I tried to master silk floristics on my own, but it was not very successfully.

Once I saw a master class of our wonderful master Olga Yakimova, I really liked him and I decided to make another attempt. I was able to make a flower myself and I liked it!

This is how I learned about the Russian School of Flower Making.

When I received a letter about the start of the course "Somebana: Four Roses," I had no doubt that I would participate in it. Four different roses in one course are just the ultimate dream!!! Of course, I wondered deep down if I could, almost without any experience, to master it. Doubts were in vain, Olga is an excellent teacher, all workshops were so detailed and understandable that even such a "teapot" as I was able to successfully make all the flowers!!!!

The most convenient for me was that I did not have to go anywhere and I could make flowers in my spare time (usually when the children were sleeping), and all the classes could be seen in the recording if for some reason I could not participate in them.

My flowers bloomed, and I bloomed with them too ... I began to smile much more often, I began to listen to music again and in general everything around began to see in the "pink" light. I fall asleep and wake up with thoughts about flowers, new ideas constantly arise in my head, and my hands were itching to start to realize them.

Now I am confident in my abilities and many thanks for this to you Olga. Thank you for your skill and for the generosity with which you share your knowledge with us. Thank you for your amazing cheerfulness, tremendous energy and responsiveness. Communication with you has always been a great pleasure. It was such a person that I dreamed to learn at, you became my sensei.
Tatyana Malykh
The course "Somebana: Four Roses" is the second course in my life and the second course at the Russian School of Flower Making. I just fell in love with this school, with the teacher - our sensei Olga Yakimova.

I could not imagine that I could create a bouquet, a bouquet of flowers created by me. But for everyone who came to this school, who decided to take lessons from Olga, there is NO chance NOT to learn. This is simply impossible.

Olya shows all the subtleties of floral craftsmanship in such detail that by repeating every operation after it, you can be sure that the miracle will happen, and you will have a flower in your hands that you want to smell.

There is no limit to Olga's vivacity and optimism - it instills in us, the students, confidence in our forces, helps to cope with any difficulties. Even the lack of time does not interfere, and the sleepless nights are nothing in comparing to the praise in the evening lesson))) And if there are some mistakes in the work, Olga will tell about it so tactfully and constructively that I want to make a couple more flowers to work on 100% and the next lesson to report.

Everyone knows that nothing unites people more than joint activities. The feeling that you are not alone, that many female classmates are working with you at the same flowers - that's great! I admire their hard work and diligence!

Which flower did I like best on the course? EVERYTHING! All roses are beautiful, each is unique. A bouquet can be collected from each species, and by combining all the roses in one bouquet. Thank you Olga for the wonderful lessons!

Separately, I want to say thanks to Alexey for technical support, for his work on the invisible front. As a rule, if a programmer is not remembered, the programmer works fine. So on the courses at the Russian School of Flower Making everything works just fine!

Many thanks! Keep it up!

Tatyana Malykh

Workshop sets on the course
Workshop Rosa Tais
3 workshops
Full course
Consultation with the master by e-mail
Workshop "Rose Tais"
Workshop "Zinia"
Workshop "Rose Laura"
Workshop "Frangipani (Plumeria)"
Workshop "Hortensia"
Workshop "Cornflowers and bells"
Workshop "Iris"
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Answers to questions about the course
How does the training pass?
The basis of the course - video lessons that you will receive at your e-mail. You may watch them and download to your computer. You make complete flowers with this tutorials (from preparing the necessary materials) to a fully finished composition - as in the photos on this page.

If you have questions about workshops - you can write me an e-mail. Also, I am waiting for photos of flowers that you make in workshops. If there will be some errors in flowers, I will help you to make it correctly.

And so we will do each composition: video lessons + my consultations.
Can I download the lessons? And other technical questions (especially if you don't know computer system a lot)
Here, in fact, everything is simple and with detailed instructions. If you have any difficulties in the technical part, you can write to me and solve the problem during the day.
When will I get my lessons after payment?
You will automatically receive a letter with workshops immediately after payment. It may fall into the "Spam" folder, so check it after the payment.
How can I pay for the course?
After ordering the course, you will see a page with payment methods for the course.

The course can be paid in one of the following ways:
1) Bank cards of any country
2) PayPal
3) Transfer by Western Union
What if you do not have time?
You can take the course at any time. The entire course will be on your computer (all video lessons, recording evening classes). And you can watch it in a month and a year.

To create each composition you need about 5 hours of time. You can set aside 30 minutes a day for creativity and gradually make all the compositions.
What if you have no materials?
I tell about the necessary materials for each composition at the beginning of my workshops. Also I tell how and what they can be replaced with. The only thing that is problematic to replace is the basic set of brass tips that we need to create all the flowers through our work.

All the materials may be easily found according to each specific workshop.
I do not know your school (what is the "Russian School of Flower Making"?)
The Russian School of Flower Making is a school that deals with Internet education on such topics as:
1) Creating tissue flowers: https://vk.com/clubtvorchestva (Russian and English language)
2) Creating leather flowers: https://vk.com/tsvetyizkozhi
3) Creating flowers from polymer clay: https://vk.com/tsvetiizglini
We have been working for 7 years and during this time several books (eg http://masterclass2.ru/tsveti.pdf or http://masterclass2.ru/silkway/) have been published, about 60 paid workshops and about 100 free video lessons and materials were published: https://www.youtube.com/user/Masterclass2ru All this information cannot be created in a couple of days, it really has been created over the years, which is confirmed by hundreds of students' flowers (albums in our group that were replenished year after year on different courses: https://vk.com/albums-45679624)
When can I pay?
You can pay within 1 week after the ordering.
What if I do not have time now, can I buy the course later?
You can buy the course later, but only at full price. Now there are discounts, so you can buy a course more profitable than later. So workshops can be started later. If you are thinking whether to participate or not - make an order to book the price for yourself. And then decide, so with you will save money with a positive decision.
What if you have questions, the answers to which are not given above?
You can e-mail me at support@tissueflower.com
Group of School in Vkontakte
There are more than 32,000 craftswomen, many video lessons, photos of students and useful articles on creating tissue flowers in our group.
A small channel of our school in Instagram – it is just the beginning of our journey in this social network. Many photos of students, articles, inspirations and free books.
And a big YouTube channel
More than 24,000 subscribers and 2.7 million video views. Our YouTube channel is the main site of our free video lessons. Therefore, there are no statistics on paid master classes, which will soon become more free.

That is what our school looks like in social networks. You will learn the basic knowledge of creating tissue flowers in this course and you will make 7 compositions with your own hands. Join now while the discount is valid.
Workshop sets on the course
Workshop Rosa Tais
3 workshops
Full course
Consultation with the master by e-mail
Workshop "Rose Tais"
Workshop "Zinia"
Workshop "Rose Laura"
Workshop "Frangipani (Plumeria)"
Workshop "Hortensia"
Workshop "Cornflowers and bells"
Workshop "Iris"
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