My apprentice's histories and flowers
"Look at the skill of the teacher according to his students" as they say. The learning is much more difficult than just creating flowers in my opinion. It is rather difficult to teach such fine skills and art, so we developed our own training system. I will introduce you in this system a little bit later, on this page I will show you results of my apprentices work and the results you may get in the future.

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This is only a small part of the flowers and bouquets made by my apprentices, in fact there are thousands of them. It is impossible to publish all on one page, but we do not hide it! All photos you may see in our group Vkontakte:
Elena Gusarova
My fascination with flower making started a couple of years ago, after the information about Olga Yakimova's free book "Tissue flowers" was receipt at my post office. I was inspired, although I had never been interested in anything like this before. At that time I was engaged in knitting, cross-stitching, sewing, felting. Well, did I really need a new handicraft then?

However, I ordered the book, looked through it and could not tear myself away - I bought workshops, fabrics, tools, and began to try making flowers. I participated in the courses "Bride's Wreath" and "4 roses". I could not fully complete all the tasks due to certain life situations, but alive communication with Olga and craftswomen really inspired me. Unfortunately I didn't have good colors at the time of the "Bride's Wreath" course, so the flowers looked dull, not real. There was no desire to collect them in a wreath. I understood that it is neccessary to purchase exactly good, high-quality materials, so I bought both Japanese dyes and Japanese tissues.

I began to enjoy the result. And when my daughter suddenly asked me to make a forest fairy wreath to the ball fo her, I realized that I was studying on the course for some reason. I reviewed the records of the course, bought another one and made the wreath. Of course, craftswomen will be able to find a lot of mistakes in my creation, but my daughter really liked it. She shone at the ball and received may compliments to the dress, which was also decorated with silk sprigs.

I sew many historical dresses during my life, and silk flowers are directly created to decorate such dresses. I made bouquets and rim with zinias for a ball gown with a crinoline, and now bouquets with pansies for the future cap are in working process. So I definitely will stay with flower making forever.
Russian school of flower making
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