Materials for creating silk flowers
Each video workshop begins with a review of the materials. In the first video you will find out what materials were used specifically for this composition in the workshop. And also - with what they can be replaced.

At the beginning of creativity, watch the initial videos. Select 3-4 compositions with the same set of materials. Order for them. And when you do, you can order for the next group of flowers.

Watch a sample video below. It shows all fabrics and other materials and gives their names. With video tutorials like this on the course, it's easy to buy exactly the materials you need.
General information on materials
Since fabrics have different densities, textures, they have different properties. And since for each flower certain fabrics are better suited. We get the main point:

Always start with flowers.
That is, at first the question "What will I do?". And then choose fabrics and additional materials.

This way excludes the search for "the minimum set of fabrics for starting classes," because each set has its own set. Yes, there are many intersections. And yes, one meter is enough for several flowers. However, always start with flowers.

The next step is a general fabric selection.

Types of fabrics

- Japanese (with factory impregnation, very easy to use, created specifically for our creativity, but cost more)

- Chinese (without impregnation, which is why they are less convenient to use, but also well suited for creating flowers, they are cheaper than Japanese)

- artificial fabrics (fabrics are sold in stores, are not intended for floriculture, so I really do not recommend you to use them - there are more problems than the joys of creativity).

Of these three species, we determine what we will make flowers from. I'll explain right away that each workshop tells about the first two types. I.e:
1) From what Japanese fabrics each composition is created at the master class
2) What other Japanese fabrics can be replaced
3) What Chinese fabrics can be replaced with those used in the master class.

Therefore, in each course you have an understanding of what materials to take for the successful creation of flowers.
The minimum set of materials for creating flowers
Here will be presented the minimum set of materials that you will need to create flowers from silk. It is suitable for all colors of this course.

1) Basic set of flower tools
2) Aniline paints - set
3) Wire to create flowers (№24, 26 and 30)
4) Pillows are soft and semi-hard
5) Glue
6) the cloth

The most difficult thing is the choice of fabrics.
Above, you saw what types of fabrics are. And here I will write the names of Japanese fabrics - a minimal set.

1. Fabric for leaves

The most common option: Satin AA, Satin 12000
Also on the leaves you can use (rare option): Velvet, Sirulong.

2. Thin fabric for the petals

I will write several options:
1) Georgette (Josette) is a translucent fabric without a face and a wrong side, which behaves very adequately at all stages of work, which means it is perfect for a beginner. And the price for it is not as high as for natural silk.
2) PureSilk Habutae (No 4 or No 6)

3. Medium density fabric for the petals

PureSilk Satin No 10, PureSilk Satin Crepe No 10, PureSilk Habutae (No 8 or No 10)

4. Duplicate fabric for leaves

This fabric must be very thin so as not to overload the foliage. And inexpensive, because it is secondary. These tissues include:
Usukinu (Usu), Hagoromo, Organdy, Hanabi (semi-lurex)

5. Velvet or its analogues

This fabric, of course, is not required, but if you have it, your possibilities expand significantly, because it can be used on leaves and petals. For beginners, I advise you to purchase a Sirulong, as it is softer and more pliable than the classic Japanese cotton velvet.
Top secret information

How to order materials in Japan (2-5 times cheaper than in other countries)
This is a joke :)

This is not a secret, but simply detailed instructions on how to make an order on the Japanese site.

In Japan, many online stores sell products for creating flowers from silk. We found a site where there is information in English.

On this page you will see:
1) Information on the purchase of materials in Japan
2) Information on the purchase of the same materials in Russia
3) Information on the purchase of materials in other countries through the site

It is important to immediately compare prices.
Of course, prices differ for different positions and they will change over time. But the essence is unlikely to change.

For an example I will take the price for fabric "Satin 12000" on March 23, 2020. And I will translate these prices at the current exchange rate for today (according to google).
1) Japanese site - 960 Japan yen = $8.68
2) Russian site - 1100 Russian rubles = $13,79 (
3) Site - $20 (

This price difference is due to the fact that all materials are bought in Japan, then there is a mark-up in Russia (but small, since in Russia with a large mark-up no one will buy goods at all), and for English-speaking people, the mark-up goes even more.
Now I will write the main links to products on the Japanese site, where you can easily place an order, pay for it via PayPal or a credit card and receive it by mail.

You just need to follow the links and look for the names of fabrics that are written with us in a minimal set of materials.

1) Clothes:

2) Wire:

3) Dyes:

4) Peps:

5) Silk tapes:

6) Pillows and tools:
(only a set of tools, most likely, to buy in Russia - according to the instructions below - will be cheaper, since tools are also made in Russia)

7) Glue

8) Scissors, tweezers, brushes:
How to order materials in Russian website

A little more expensive than in Japan, but easier to place an order
Website in Russian

For search, there is a search bar at the top of it. It looks like this:
The Find button translates to "Найти".

There you can write only words in Russian.

I will write here a few examples of queries in Russian, so that you can simply copy them to a string:

1) Японские ткани для цветоделия
Translation: Japanese fabrics for creating flowers
>> Direct link to search for this request

2) Японские краски для цветоделия
Translation: Japanese paints for creating flowers
>> Direct link to search for this request

The stores on this site where you will find fabrics and paints also have other materials:
1) Wire to create flowers
2) Pillows are soft and semi-hard
3) Glue
And so on.

We turn to the question - how to buy everything on this site?

1) We find a store in which there are the necessary goods. "Shop" is what is written in gray on the product card. For example, the colors in the photo below - the store is called by the name of the author "Инна Шкуропат" (Inna Shkuropat)
We can click on the name of the store "Инна Шкуропат" and all the goods of this store will open:
>> Link to go to this store for an example

We see the following:
To order goods, click the "Написать сообщение" button (write a message) - a blue button.

And write in English exactly what products you want to buy. And ask if the person can accept the money in a way that is suitable for you (the store from the example can accept money through PayPal).
English site with materials
There is another site:

It also sells materials for our work. It will be more convenient for you to navigate on it, because it is in English. True, the same products are much more expensive there.
Flower tools
To start creating flowers, we need a basic set of tools and a soldering iron (it is enough to create all the flowers. There are also sets of Japanese knives - these are additional tools for experienced craftsmen, you can purchase them later if you wish).

The basic set of tools looks like this:
The set of 15 items.

We found the best price for such a set on the website:
>> A set of buns on

There it costs 3350 rubles - about $55 (it goes to this price right away with a soldering iron).

Also on this site you can buy additional sets:
1) Japanese knives (6 pieces)
2) Ultra-thin knives (2 pieces).
Instructions on how to buy tools on this site
Follow the link:
>> A set of buns on

And you will see the site:
Scroll down a bit until you see a button under the description of the toolbox:
This is the Buy button - click on it.

You will immediately open the "Shopping Basket". It will contain only this basic set of tools.
We are interested in 2 buttons below:
The left button translates as "Continue shopping" ("Продолжить покупки"). It is suitable for you if you want to buy also Japanese knives and ultra-thin knives.

In the instructions, we will consider only the right button "Place an order" ("Оформить заказ"). Click on it:
A page was opened for us to enter the address.
I will write you the name of the fields from top to bottom:
1) Email
2) Name
3) Last name
4) City
5) Postcode
6) Country - select from the list
7) Phone
and check the box below - this is "Consent to the terms of service."
And below - the "Registration" button - this is an order
After clicking on the "Register" button, the next page opens - check whether we entered everything correctly. And here you need to click the button below (it is called "Next >>" - "Следующий >>")
This is the shipping method selection page. The second line "Delivery via Russian Post" ("Почта России") is suitable for you - this is the way when aa seller sends the goods through the state mail of Russia, and the parcel arrives at the post office (and further depends on the country where you are located - in some countries the parcels are waiting to be received at the post office, and somewhere postmen deliver packages home).

Select the second line and click on the button "Next >>" below.
This is the payment method selection page. A suitable way for customers from other countries is only PayPal - the bottom line. Select and click "Next >>"

We will get to the last page:
This page contains information about the order and you need to click on the button below "Confirm Order" ("Подтвердить заказ")

After clicking, the PayPal window opens, but the order cannot be paid. Because the store must manually calculate the cost of delivery to you.
That is, we are just waiting for an e-mail from the store with a price calculation including delivery and with a PayPal wallet address for payment
The site also has such a set, but it costs 2-3 times more expensive.

P.S.: For all obscure points, refer to our book "Tissue Flowers"

Or write to us by e-mail:

Sincerely, Alexey Shabalin (Head of the Russian School of Floriculture)
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