Materials for creating polymer clay flowers
Each video workshop begins with a review of the materials. In the first video you will find out what materials were used specifically for this composition in the workshop. And also - with what they can be replaced.

At the beginning of creativity, watch the initial videos. Select 2-3 compositions with the same set of materials. Order for them. And when you do, you can order for the next group of flowers.

For example, you can watch the video below. It is with a video on the materials that each master class on the course begins. Therefore, you can start with any flower. Just watch the introductory video and buy the materials.
Or you can read the information about the "Minimum set of materials" and it will be enough for many master classes.
The minimum set to start
You can see how all materials and tools and their analogues look like in the first video lesson of any workshop.

Minimum set of materials:
1) Clay 2-3 packs (from one pack of clay, one large interior flower is obtained, for example, a White Rose).
2) The main stack - with a rounded end
3) Manicure scissors - better straight and thin
4) Glue - latex. It can be temporarily replaced with PVA, but latex is better (PVA glue can give yellowness, and latex is transparent)
5) Oil paints, at least a set for children's creativity of 10-12 colors. Small tubes, budget. The main thing is that there is a white zinc color (there are also titanium white, do not take them)
6) Winding wire: thin (number 30) and wire number 24 or 26. For the main stem in interior large flowers, you need a thick wire (number 18)
7) Film for rolling clay (if you do not roll it out on your palm). It goes in stores like a film for a pasta machine. But if this is not the case, you can use ordinary transparent paper files (thicker).
8) Floristic tape
9) Veiners - to give veins to the petals. Buy a rose petal veiner (either large or medium) right away - you can make quite a few different flowers with it. And you need a rose leaf veiner (it's better to take a large veiner).
10) You can buy cutters (forms), but if they are not there, you can also manually cut the petals (with a clerical knife or scissors).
Self-hardening polymer clay (cold porcelain) brands Modern clay, Thay clay, Fleur, Modena you can buy

1) Polymer clay from Thailand (promise free shipping):

2) Polymer clay in the USA (and there are also some other materials):

3) Polymer clay in Latvia (it is convenient to buy for all European countries):

4) Polymer clay and other materials in Avelly store in Russia (there are also boats and veiners)

5) Shop in Russia with good veiners for all occasions:

* All material stores listed here are not affiliated with our school in any way, so we are not responsible for orders on these sites.

For participants from other countries:
You can find these brands of clay and additional materials on websites in your country. How to search:
1) Go to a search engine (for example,
2) Enter the name of the clay and the word "Buy" in the language of your country. Websites will open where you can buy such clay.
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