The process of creating any flower starts with a pattern. And the appearance of each composition depends on the quality of the pattern.

What does "quality of the pattern" means?

This means that you can be confident in all sizes and lines while cutting out petals, leaves and pasting and that you will make the same flower as the author of the workshop makes. For example, I repeatedly check all my patterns in practice before giving to apprentices at my workshops.

I used to give patterns only with paid video lessons (about $40-60 for each). Now I decided to collect everything in a single set and give the opportunity to buy them at a symbolic price for new subscribers.

The result is an impressive set:
38 patterns of flowers from my workshops.
These are all patterns from courses and workshops that I made in my life. I myself create flowers using this set and now my apprentices work on them. All the flowers (roses, peonies, lilies, gallows, and others) that you saw on the sites of our school, in my books, are made according to these patterns.
29 patterns from the workshops of my apprentices
My apprentices also sometimes give workshops on tissue flowers. Basically, these workshops are designed for beginning masters, however, and experienced ones find a favor for lush bouquets creating in them. I added 29 patterns of flowers from my apprentices' workshops in this set.
This set opens the way to the world of flower making for you. You will make not just tissue flowers, You will make elegant compositions that can not be distinguished from the natural ones.
Here are some flowers, the patterns of which are there in the set
Now you can buy all these patterns for only $0,99. Such prices in the world of tissue flowers have not yet been and most likely will not, because this is a skill where the cost of every flower you make is more than $30.
Sample of patterns
(all the patterns in the kit look like this one)
The whole set of patterns for flowers creation (67 pieces)
Russian school of flower making
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