"Somebana" flower making art education in Japan
Photos, emotions and video of those days
I was trained by the creator of the Japanese Somebana flower-making technique, Sayoko Yasuda at the end of 2014. This technique is well known all over the world for its beauty and elegance. Each composition is a piece of art - a chic accessory or a whole bunch.

Previously, for learning this technique, it was necessary to have personal training with Sensei Saiko Yasuda but now the situation has changed and you can go to the website of our school any day and choose the lessons on creating flowers in this technique for yourself. You can make them in a comfortable home environment, so you don't need to go to another city or even to another country.

As for situation in 2014 I bought tickets to Japan, booked a hotel and paid for the entire course of study with Sayoko (with a translator from Japanese to Russian). I really remember the trip to the land of the rising sun and now I will tell you more about it with photos and videos.
From the first minute I plunged into all the complexities of this technique - coloring, processing each petal and leaf with brass blobs and Japanese knives, assembling roses... Every day we were engaged in creative work... Not just a day, but almost a day without a break, we made flowers.

Now I looked through the letter I wrote to my apprentices right from Japan. Here is a part of it:

"Frankly speaking, tissue flowers are wonderful ... But I really want to go home! :) Right now I feel the charm of creative work in a comfortable home environment especially"

Here are some photos from training in the application:
How do you think, is it difficult to make 15 different roses in 15 days? Moreover, if you have not done such flowers before? Yes, usually it is absolutely impossible! Exactly such volume should be made to receive the certificate of school Somebana. This certificate allows you to teach this technique another apprentices.

Here is another fragment from my letter to the apprentices in those days (I decided to insert without any changes, so the emotions will be given completely):

"When I first made the box in this way, I spent two hours to get the appropriate result. I show how to do it in 8 minutes in the video!

So the situation is the same at every stage of creating flowers! When you make a composition for the first time, without help, without guidance, this process stretches for one or even two weeks, and when there is someone to make an example, there is a specific step-by-step method - then you make a flower very quickly and beautifully at once!

That is why in Japan I made 15 completely different roses in just 2 weeks!

Have you noticed how often we do not have enough time for needlework?

Work, family, relatives, tidy, cooking and many other daily issues take almost all the time. Sometimes there are 30-40 minutes a day, which you can devote to creativity ... And it's already night, you want to sleep, and you need to get up early again in the morning...

How often do you meet such a situation?

And how many creative ideas do you set aside for later? I can tell from my own experience and the experience of hundreds of my apprentices: even if you have 1 hour of free time per day or have time on weekends, you will make so many flower masterpieces only on one course that they all will not fit on your desktop!

Watch the video from the future course and see how quickly you can make one of the most difficult moments when creating a poppy:

Here is a video: (if you are also interested how to make a poppy box out of tissue – just watch it)
In my experience, I can say that you can achieve such results only with a teacher - learn how to make tissue flowers in a short time and very beautifully. You will not waste fabrics and materials, throw out unsuccessful attempts with the teacher - we do it immediately and cleanly!

I managed to get a certificate on that trip, but it turned out to be a small problem to leave Japan - they did not want to let us out at the airport :)
I told about this incident in the video:
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