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How have silk flowers changed my life
One of the program "Good Morning" reports was devoted to people who at 40 years of their lives found the cause of their dreams. I became the hero of the story and told about tissue flowers and how they have changed my life.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to make the subtitles for this video, so I will write you a translation of the segment from 1 minute 7 seconds.
What about new profession after the age of 40 years old? Only 3 person out of 10 venture on that and every second says that he has achieved success in the new business. Of course, people after 40 years old are not looking for work, but embody theirs dreams.

Olga Yakimova has changed 8 professions, but unfortunately she has not found her own by the time she was 40 years old.

So far she decided to change the curtains one day. It turned out rather expensive. Decoration the interior with flowers also was difficult not found to taste. So she came across silk flowers in the Internet.

- To tell the truth, it was love at the first sight, and I immediately began to look for masters who can teach me. Suddenly, the thought woke up in my mind - to do it by myself, with my own hands.

Olga spoiled more things than she did about for a half a year. As for now, she has great earnings, that she has never had before.
Fabric flowers creating is not just a hobby for me... It is the only source of income. And there is enough earned money for life, for children, and even for traveling.

I get a lot of orders, sometimes I just don't have time to do them. Order for weddings, photo shoots, for interior and simple decoration. Handmade has a huge demand, especially if we talk about beautiful flowers.

It does not matter where you are located, because orders go via the Internet and flowers are easily sent by mail to any place in the world. There is a demand for completely different compositions. The most important thing is to be done beautifully and skillfully. And I teach this in my courses.

How to sell flowers:
  • through social networks - place photos on your pages or in groups for craftswomen, tell the world about yourself and that you know how to create beauty!
  • through the presentation - wear your own jewelry, "walk" it on the street, show them to your friends and acquaintances, visit the beauty salon, contact the decorators and wedding organizers, and the photographers - they have a special love for flowers.
Make these few simple steps
and then everyone will speak about you!

My students are snapping up new finished flowers and book those that are still in progress. Photos of works collect a lot of likes, and orders appear immediately.

Do you want to have rave reviews, admiration and lots of orders? So, you need to learn how to make beautiful and high-quality flowers. I teach this in my courses.
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