Silk Bouquets
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How many bouquets of silk flowers have you seen before? Do you think it is difficult to make a bouquet with your own hands?
In my experience I will say - this is not easy definitely, however, it is quite possible! So here is the proof - each of the bouquets on this page was made by my students during the course (3-4 weeks).
What is special about my video tutorials?
Training at home. There is no need to go somewhere and spend a lot of money (like me in Japan when I went to Saioko Yasuda). The main thing is to have a computer and internet access!
Step-by-step system. Video lessons are well-coordinated and clear to teach you to create gorgeous roses, sensual peonies, spring irises and any other flowers. Just watch the video and repeat after me.
All the lessons are in your computer. All lessons will remain with you, they can be reviewed as many times as necessary! You watched a piece, stopped the video, repeated after me. And transfer to the next part.
However, I want to warn you: not all lessons are available for beginning masters in the Somebana technique.
There are complex roses that I recommend for experienced craftswomen only... But don't give up on roses forever. They are the best thing in our work!

Especially for beginners, I created the "Master Course", with which I recommend to start learning.

Let come back to the subject of the letter. What bouquets can be made of fabric? I will show you the results of my apprentices - these are all the bouquets they made during the courses via the Internet (for 3-4 weeks without basic knowledge and experience)
It turned out a whole gallery ... You can flip through photos to the right or left and get inspiration from each work. And also take a closer look, from what flowers you want to make a bouquet, or to start with single compositions in the Japanese Somebana technique
Alika Pereyaslova
Tatyana Malykh
Vera Verkholantseva
Tatyana Solovyova
Olga Konduktorova
Irina Nikitina
Lyubov Melnikova
Yulia Kovalenko
Marina Andreeva
Oksana Polkovnikova
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