Cold porcelain flowers

8 step-by-step video workshops

+4 bonuses

How can you make gorgeous flowers?
Watch a short video:
This is how, step by step, we turn simple pieces of white clay into a magnificent flower. More precisely in 8 different flowers in this course. And you can do the same with the help of this course!
Of course, video lessons are much longer than 1 minute :)

Each workshop lasts from 2 to 5 hours. It is this long because we do not hide anything and show the full process of creating flowers. We make sure that even beginners will succeed. Even experienced artisans will learn a lot about the beautiful technique of creating flowers and will be able to make flowers that look like live ones.

And now more about the course:

Marina Golovina
This course is about how to create gorgeous flowers with your own hands ...
... and how to surprise people!

Guests will come to you, see a bouquet of flowers and say "What a beauty! Who gave it?"
And here is the time to touch them!

Flowers from cold porcelain (self-hardening polymer clay) are striking in their naturalness! They can be made so similar to real ones that it is impossible to distinguish them until you touch them.

You will amaze others with your flowers. Enjoy each new composition. And receive orders for large beautiful flower bouquets. And all this - after the workshops, which you can watch at any time on your computer or phone.

For this, the course "Flowers from polymer clay" was created - 8 detailed video workshops on creating flowers with your own hands.
And on this course I am waiting for beginners and experienced craftswomen:

# You see polymer clay flowers for the first time and want to learn how to make them yourself.
# You already have experience with polymer clay flowers and want to learn new creative techniques to create sophisticated, chic compositions.
Course content
8 video workshops
Video tutorials begin with the preparation of materials to create each flower, and it ends with the creation of compositions, you will see in the photos on this page. Nothing is missed, the process is shown in full.
Individual advice and support from the master
under the careful supervision of the master, you create a composition, get answers to all questions, and also, you can send photos of your flowers and get feedback and help (if there are difficulties in creating a rose);
1. Workshop "White rose"
2. Workshop "Apple tree twig"
3. Workshop "Anemone"
4. Workshop "Lilies of the valley"
5. Workshop "Orchid"
6. Workshop "Tulip"
7. Workshop "Buttercup"
8. Workshop "Climbing rose"
#1 - Articles "Storage and care of flowers"
Information on how and where to store polymer clay flowers. It is important to know about this so that the flowers will delight you for several years and do not lose their shape and color.
People often ask "How to care for flowers, because dust will quickly collect on them." Everything is simple - the answer is in the article on the course.
#2 - Video workshop "Hydrangea"
This is the simplest composition on the course - a small brooch with a Hydrangea flower.

From this workshop you can start learning, and you can also take from it the technique of creating small brooches with any flowers.
#3 - Video workshop "Snowdrops"
The full video master class is already inside the course - 3 step-by-step video lessons.

With this master class, I recommend starting most for beginners (if you have never made flowers).

And experienced craftsmen will find in it the author's experience in coloring and nuances of natural composition
The main bonus
Video workshop "Hydrangea"
If you have not made flowers from polymer clay before or have made just a couple of them, most likely there are much more questions than answers.
And therefore, any thorough, detailed workshop will help.

But Hydrangea has its own characteristics:
1) This is a complete master class (like all my past master classes). That is, we take materials, a pack of white clay and, step by step, day after day, we make a 42 cm high hydrangea - a composition from a photo. You don't need any initial skills to create it. The master class is made so that it is easy for you to repeat the whole process after me.

2) Complicated painting process.
Hydrangea has the most intense color of all my previous courses. Learn to make dark colors and the rest will be pretty easy. The lessons include:
- coloring of clay, gradient on petals, coloring of leaves and veins, finishing tinting, imitation of tree bark.
3) Shaping petals and leaves

Working with veiners and forms (by the way, if there is no Hydrangea veiner, then the rose veiner will also do - for more details, see the Minimum set of materials in the master class). Creating lots of small flowers is a good opportunity to get your hand filled, get used to creating flowers, and experiment.
And make everything very natural!

4) Stem
The hydrangea stem is really made entirely by hand. It's hard to believe, though.
Example of video lessons
This video is part of a workshop from this course.

The course consists of similar video lessons. In the lessons, the process of creating flowers is shown step by step. You can download all the videos to your computer (or just watch the link via the Internet) and make flowers on them at any convenient time.

If you do not have a computer, we will send you links to watch video tutorials. It is convenient to do this from a phone with a good screen.
Workshop White Rose from polymer clay. Part 3
Workshop White Rose from polymer clay. Materials
Each master class begins with a video review of the necessary materials.

This will help you find and buy exactly the materials you need. Nothing extra.

You can buy a discounted course now and then buy materials and make flowers.
Course author
Marina Golovina
Author of the course, master of creating polymer clay flowers (cold porcelain)
My name is Marina Golovina.

5 years ago I saw flowers made of polymer clay on the Internet and was so delighted that I really wanted to immediately make the same or at least flowers.

Unfortunately, there were no good workshops in this area at that time. So I learned to make flowers by trial and error. And now, after 5 years of creating flowers, I am ready to share with you everything that I can do in this art.
Works of my students
How to start learning?
Make an order and payment
Below is information on the price of the course and the order button. After ordering you will see a page with payment methods. You can pay by PayPal or Credit card
After payment you will receive an email with the course
Open the e-mail message, please check your junk box (the "Spam" folder). In the letter there will be a link to 4 first video workshops and a tooltip for the materials for the course (and how to buy all materials over the Internet with delivery to any country)
Watch lessons and create flowers
You can download the lessons to your computer or just watch them online. At the beginning of each video is an overview of materials for creating flowers. And then - the complete process of creating a composition from cutting to fully finished flowers with foliage and stems.
8 workshops about creating flowers + 4 bonuses
Full Course
99 USD 590 USD
In addition to the course, there is a Tip:
Full information is included: what materials are needed, where they can be bought (or ordered for participants from any countries and cities).
How everything works inside the course and in what form are all lessons
Course instructions
You have already learned the detailed course content. And in this short video I will show how simple everything is in technical terms.

Watch the video, it will answer the questions:
- In what form will the course come to you?
- How can I watch and download lessons?
- Will I be able to take a course from another country (yes, of course it is possible - the course is available in any country, see how it turns out)?
- If I am not good at computer / Internet, will I be able to participate? (with this instruction - of course you can, everything is very simple)
How to buy a course and materials for flowers from the USA, England and other countries?
Place an order using the button above and pay by Credit card, PayPal. Next you will receive an e-mail with video workshops. You can watch them in any country and make flowers.

In addition to the video, you will see a hint for the purchase of materials. There is information on all materials and their exact names. The process of purchasing materials over the Internet in various countries is also shown. All online stores send goods worldwide, so the materials can be bought with delivery to any country.
How does the training pass?
The basis of the course - video lessons that you will receive at your e-mail. You may watch them and download to your computer. You make complete flowers with this tutorials (from preparing the necessary materials) to a fully finished composition - as in the photos on this page.

If you have any questions about the workshops, you can write to me by e-mail. You can send photos, I will comment on them, tell you how to fix errors, if any.
Can I download the lessons? And other technical questions (especially if you don't know computer system a lot)
Here, in fact, everything is simple and it goes with detailed instructions. If you face any technical issues, you can message me and I'll help you shortly.
When can I get lessons after making the payment?
Immediately after the purchase, we will send you a e-mail letter with 4 workshops. In the beginning there will be 4 master classes: "White Rose", "Anemone", "Apple tree twig" and "Lilies of the valley" and complete information on the materials.

Further, 2 workshops per month will be added. This is the ideal speed to follow the course consistently, in correct and simple steps.

If you don't see it among incomings emails, please check your junk box (the "Spam" folder).
How can I pay for the course?
After ordering the course, you will see a web page with all payment methods available.

You're welcome to use any convenient method from the list below:
1) Bank cards of any country
2) PayPal
What if you do not have time?
You can take the course at any time. The entire course will be on your computer (all video lessons). And you can watch it in a month and a year.

You can set aside 15 minutes a day for creativity and gradually make all the compositions.
What if you have no materials?
I'll give you a proper advise of where and how to get all necessary materials for each composition at the beginning of my workshops. Also I'll tell how and what they can be replaced with.

All the materials may be easily found according to each specific workshop. It will be easy to find all necessary materials and tools, thanks to detailed recommendations, I provide you with.
I do not know your school (what is the "Russian School of Flower Making"?)
You know, Russia is famous for 3 main things: vodka, Mr. Putin and The Russian School of Flower Making :))

The Russian School of Flower Making is a school that deals with Internet education on such topics as:
1) Creating tissue flowers
2) Creating flowers from polymer clay
We have been working for 8 years and during this time several books (eg or have been published, about 60 paid workshops and about 100 free video lessons and materials were published:

All this information cannot be created in a couple of days, it really has been created over the years, which is confirmed by hundreds of students' flowers (albums in our group that were replenished year after year on different courses: )
When can I pay?
You can pay immediately via PayPal or credit card or within 3 days after the ordering.
What if I do not have time now, can I buy the course later?
You can buy the course later, but only at full price. Now there are discounts, so you can buy a course more profitable than later. So workshops can be started later. If you are thinking whether to participate or not - make an order to book the price for yourself. And then decide, so with you will save money with a positive decision.
What if you have questions, the answers to which are not given above?
You can e-mail me at, and I'll help you shortly.
Marina Golovina
1) We started with the VKontakte group (a social network in Russia) - we had all the communication in it, added free video tutorials there and gradually a whole community formed:
The group has more than 33 thousand people, 178 reviews, more than 2000 photos of students' flowers. The group is over 7 years old.

2) The direction "Polymer clay flowers" has become so popular that we have made separate groups:

3) And we have 2 YouTube channels.
«ig Russian channel:
Over 29,000 subscribers and 2.8 million video views.
Our YouTube channel is the main place of our free video lessons.
We have been running this channel since 2012:
There are no big lessons on polymer clay flowers - they remain exclusive (there are no such lessons in free access). But on the channel you can find many additional materials that help to master this creativity.

And new English channel:

This is how our online school is represented in social networks. You will learn the basic knowledge of creating polymer clay flowers in this course and you will make 9 compositions with your own hands. Join now while the discount is valid.
In a nutshell about our school since 2011:
8 workshops about creating flowers + 4 bonuses
Full Course
99 USD 590 USD
In addition to the course, there is a Tip:
Full information is included: what materials are needed, where they can be bought (or ordered for participants from any countries and cities).
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Marina Golovina
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